This is a plea from mankind to Gawkermedia Hungary whatever: Stop updating your bastard child Kinja! I think we all agree it is the worst commenting system ever - why work so hard to make it even more unusable?

Did events of 2011 really not teach you guys absolutely anything?

Following comments in Kinja is next to impossible. Even more so when people reply to your comments. Briefly, it is a mess already, making any other website a true joy to use and participate. I really mean this (and I bet you know this too): It is a m.e.s.s.


Kinja kills your laptop’s/tablet’s battery in no time. As it was made to consume energy and thus kill every single living organism on this planet because of fossil fuels and radiation and whatnot. (And this even after killing all the tens and tens of advertisers and trackers in Kinja websites).

I think it is partly because of hysterically crazy coding. Before Kinja I wasn’t even aware that one could do such a horrible job when coding a bleeding website. I understand eternal loops in C++ and such, but c’mon it’s a website we’re talking about. I think the adverts and trackers are the only part that was actually coded when not under influence of peyote.

The content is still pretty much awesome, no doubt about that. But what you fuckers fail to realize is this: People come the sites because of them comments, not because of irrational click-baits you’re so much in love with. What I mean is that you masochists are killing your own jobs by fucking up Kinja even further as it was, for example, any given day before today.


Beneath is a screencapture of one of your fuck-the-users website. I would say it still beats hands down one’s average experience with Kinja but it is a goddamn disaster in 2015. Isn’t this sorts of amateurish bullshit bad for the business, or is Gawkermedialsefhungary in business of self-torture utensils as well?

The reason I wrote this was because the Reply-button is missing from every single article posted to Kinja system. Seriously, stop touching the shit already - it is shit enough already. Is the latest fuck-up a result of you killing, and “a temporary hick up in the system”, or is it just another update of Kinja? I do not know and I do not care, killing content because of absolutely nightmarish coding and getting medieval on this thing called User Experience is no excuse to anything.


Yet another up-to-here-user

PS: I heard Gawkermediahungaryltcwhatever writers unionized. How does their union feel about their work being anal-probed by not competent publishing team? Should I just buy them all out and make everybody’s lives a little better?

PPS: I start calling you all Kinjazis from here on.