When you type in gizmodo.com you expect to end up viewing gizmodo.com.
Same goes to us.gizmodo.com, right? When you go to gawker.com and use the hamburger menu to move on to gizmodo.com, where do you think your browser sends you to? And for gizmodo.co.uk, logic dictates that you’d land to the UK version of the site. Makes sense, right? And in gizmodo.co.uk, when you click the international gizmodo link, you’re automatically sent to the international version?

Bollocks. All four of these toss you to gizmodo.co.uk, the European bastard son of Gizmodo. It’s as if it has hijacked my browser and tries to save me from having to use Kinja. Oh well, I guess living in Europe has its toll too.

Kill gizmodo.co.uk or prevent it from redirecting me to sites I wish not go to.